For a busy family, durability and low maintenance are most important–but not at the expense of fashion and style. In this Morris County center hall, we’ve achieved both!

This family friendly foyer has an “area rug” designed right into the floor. Using porcelain tile combined with tumbled stone listellos, we designed our rug with a timeless diamond motif. It creates the focal point the homeowner wanted without the fuss of having to maintain an area rug.

This chocolate soil-hiding runner continues the family friendly theme. The ivory border coordinates with the porcelain floor tile as it transitions to the oak flooring above.

In the upper hall, the chocolate runner contrasts beautifully with the golden oak floors. We went ahead and tacked the runner to the floors, making vacuuming super simple and no rug slippage!


We’d love to talk more about the other projects we’ve done like this and their average price range. Leave it to the professionals – we know exactly what will work best for the project you have in mind, and can help you clean it too!

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