Once you know the type of fiber you want, it’s time to figure out the style of it. Carpets can be made out of fibers that are cut, looped or cut and looped. There may be several different subcategories of carpet styles – and all of them fall into one of these groups. Usually as the pile height increases, your carpet will become softer and more luxurious – and more difficult to clean.

Loop-pile carpets

Level loops and multilevel loops are considered loop-pile carpets. A level loop pile is usually tough enough for high-traffic areas. Mulitlevel loop piles have two or three different loop heights, which can create a patterned effect.

With loop-pile carpets, the yarn tips aren’t exposed so these carpets tend to work well in high-traffic areas, like your hallways and family rooms.


Cut-pile carpets

Velvets, saxonies and friezes are all considered cut-pile carpets. For formal areas, velvet piles will be best – they create a luxurious, level service great for a low-traffic area.

Saxonies are great choices for stairs or in hallways because they’re made of twisted yarns and have well-defined tuft tips – for the most curl and greatest resilience, go with friezes.

Overall, cut-pile carpets have a nice look and rich feel. They aren’t the most durable choice – unless you add a twist. If you need a heavy duty cut-pile carpet, ask us about our saxonies. And remember – if you have a velvet pile, you’ll need to get it cleaned quite often!


Cut-loop pile

If you want a combination of a loop-pile and cut-pile carpet, look no further! The mix of large islands of cut tufts and lower loop uncut tufts will hide wear and use quite well. Cut-loop piles are always great for your stairways, family rooms and less formal dining areas.

We can take all the guesswork out of the equation for you with a consultation. Leave it to the professionals – we know exactly which style the carpet for your next project will need and how to best clean it.

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