It’s important to consider the weight of the carpet pile, commonly called the face weight per square yard of your carpet choice. The higher the face, the more yarn used, which means your carpet will last much longer – so long as you maintain it! Keep in mind that weight will vary depending on the fibers you choose.

Be wary of your allergies, too. You can always remove existing allergens by vacuuming your carpet. By doing this, your floors will last even longer.

The warranty of your carpet is the best way to know how long your carpet will last. Our warranties factor in the fiber, the style, and the face weight. Talk with us more about your carpet’s warranty so you know how to keep your home safe, clean, and looking good!

We can take all the guesswork out of the equation for you with a consultation. Leave it to the professionals – we know exactly which fiber the carpet for your next project will need and how to best clean it.

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