To provide the right feel, padding is sold in a variety of thicknesses, densitites and weights. Padding is important to protect the carpet from premature wear. Prime urethane, rebonded urethane, and natural fiber, are just some of the options out there – and buying new carpeting is more than running your hand across carpet samples.

When you get wall-to-wall carpeting, what you don’t know can definitely hurt you! Covering 300 square feet may cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Spending more money doesn’t mean you’ll get the carpet you need the most for your home.

You should know:

  • what makes a good carpet
  • which padding is best for you
  • what goes into a quality installation

Select function over form. You want a sample that meets your needs and style, that also stays within your budget. You may think the fiber is the sole factor in the durability of your carpet, but that’s just not true. You need to factor in style and weight to get the best carpet that fits your needs.

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