Don’t take measurements in your home thinking they’re accurate. You won’t see things that our experts will, like traffic patterns and incoming light. We know the best place to hide seams, how to prevent waste, and how to make your floors as easy as possible to maintain. 

We want to make sure your seams are positioned under the furniture and out of major traffic patterns. 

Looking to carpet your stairs? We can tack the carpet under each thread with a cap-and-band treatment. Or, you may want to consider a waterfall approach – the carpet would flow over the tread and onto the next step. It really depends on what aesthetics you like best. The waterfall installation is a more modern look and works best with smaller patterns. Cap-and-band looks a lot more traditional. 

We always talk the exposed edges, turn them over, and tack them into place. If you have a short, tight pile, or want a more finished look, we can bound the edges. 
Most importantly, we are responsible for moving furniture and removing any existing carpeting. Heavy furniture is easy for us to move because we have special nylon skid tools. Above all, clean your carpets every 18 months professionally. 

We can take all the guesswork out of the equation for you with a consultation. Leave it to the professionals – we know exactly which fiber the carpet for your next project will need and how to best clean it.

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